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Our Beginners Basic Starter Package is a great value because it includes everything needed to get started.

Our package includes Nordic Walking Poles and an Instructional Video to guide you in your training.

Professional Nordic Walking



Nordic Walking is more than just walking with poles - technique is vitally important to achieve the amazing health benefits this sport provides! Now you can learn the correct technique from the comfort of your home. Great for those without professional instruction in their area - or to supplement your professional training experience. You would also be better prepared to come to one of our ANWA workshops or Certification seminar!


Leki Nordic Walking Poles


As with any sport, it's always important to have the right equipment and instruction,and Nordic Walking is no different.

For the best fitness results and your physical safety, ensure that you use only Nordic Walking poles which have been specifically designed for this sport.

Don't be tempted to use skiing, hiking or trekking poles, which are designed and meant to be for a totally different purpose. As an independent advisor of Nordic Walking equipment....

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