nordic walking

Nordic Walking vs. Regular Walking


What the researchers found from previous studies:

  • "…walking with Nordic poles can prevent damage to the lower extremity joints18) and relatively reduce loads on the knee joints."

  • "Nordic pole walking exercises induces the mobilization of all upper and lower extremity muscles."

  • "…higher oxygen consumption by the body compared with regular walking."

  • "Nordic pole walking could easily increase cardiac outputs and heart rates without increasing exercise fatigue."

  • "Nordic pole walking enabled faster walking."

  • "…can increase muscle mass even when only they are performed, so muscle strength can be improved."

  • "…the poles can play a role as supports to improve stability."

  • "…the use of Nordic poles can relieve pain in the lower extremity, increase the amount of exercise, improve cardiovascular system functions, help patients with arthritis or diabetes during walking, and help improve the gait and normal walking in relation to foot pressure."

  • "…when many office workers performed Nordic pole walking exercises for 12 weeks, their upper body muscles were improved."

  • ""…when Nordic poles are used, many muscles in the arms, shoulders, chest, and back are used and energy consumption is increased."


The researchers obtained similar results in this study. That means they were able to replicate the results of previous studies, confirming what Nordic walking proponents claim.


Courtesy of Leroy Hurt, Advanced ANWA Certified Instructor
University of Alabama