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leki platinum fixed length

Pole Size
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Leki platinum fixed length

It is a fixed length pole which allows you to just grab it and go. No hassle to adjust it. The shaft is 100% carbon which makes it very light yet sturdy to last a lifetime as well as to avoid any unnecessary vibration. You want the pole to absorb any vibration – not the body. The grip is a “Shark Grip” which means you can easily click the strap in and out of the pole – if you need your hands to be free fast. The grip is partially made of cork material to prevent sweaty hands in the summer and to keep your hands warm in the winter. The strap is called “Trigger 3 Strap” and it is so comfortable for all the fingers and the thumb – especially if you deal with arthritis. It is easy to get into and it is well made. At the end of the pole you have the famous asphalt paw which is a rubber tip you keep on for Nordic Walking on hard surfaces like asphalt. You remove it to expose a spike tip when you want to Nordic Walk on softer surfaces like grass, sand or dirt. You want the pole to absorb any vibration – not the body.

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  • 16 mm 100% High Modulus Carbon
  • Shark Grip
  • Trigger 3 Strap
  • Carbide Flextip
  • Rubber Fitness Traction Tip
  • Ultra Sonic Finish
  • Fixed length sizing: 105, 110, 115, 120, 125, 130 cm