Nordixx Global Traveler Starter Package 2


$119.50 + Shipping

nordixx global traveler starter package 2



$109.50 + FREE Shipping

nordixx global traveler STARTER PACKAGE 2


nordixx global traveler STARTER PACKAGE 2

Ideal poles for Travelers.

  • Fits in a normal suitcase/sports bag. (70cm/27.56” – 140cm/55.12” )

  • No problems with Check-In or Security when traveling by airplane.

  • Shaft: Alu 6061/7075

  • Grip: EVA sweat absorbing coating

  • Hand Loops: New detachable Nordixx Cool-Max Comfort hand loops.

  • Easy click – “Free Hand” – System

  • Pole Tips: Off Road= Carbide steel tip

  • On Road= Marathon Rubber tips, removable

  • Pole Bag for easy store and transport complementary

  • Manufactured under German Quality & Safety Agency (TUV)

*Listed shipping prices apply for the U.S. only!