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NWN Ultimate Walking Warrior



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NWN Ultimate Walking Warrior


Nation’s Two-Piece Ultimate Walking Warrior Pole Set

Pro-Sport Ultralight Carbon Fiber Poles- each pole weighs 7 ounces
Quick Speed Locks – accommodates heights from 3’10”to 6’6”

1 – Pair Ergonomic Quick Release Gloves (one size fits all) with Trigger Release
1 – Nation’s Travel Cloth Pole Tote (fits in small suitcases)
1 – Pair of Rubber Trail
2 – Pairs of Rubber Indoor Tips (used on indoor surfaces)
2 – Pairs of wide Rubber Outdoor Tips (used on outdoor surfaces)
1 – Pair of Carbide tips (used on trails, grass and sand)
1 – Pair of Sand Baskets
1 – DVD Prevention & Rehabilitation 32 Stretching and Strengthening Exercises