Train From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Busy Schedule? Our professionals are able to train you step by step from the comfort of your own home, by using a combination e-mails, Video Lessons, Skype, and Conference Calls.

ANWA has now integrated online training – which means instead of participating in a group in various locations – the training procedure can be covered remote and one-on-one from the ANWA headquarters  in Los Angeles. ANWA offers online training options for those people who cannot attend at the listed locations – so that everybody will have the opportunity for being trained from ANWA’s certified Experts. There is no better way to learn Nordic Walking from ANWA’s Master Coaches and their qualified team of Certified Instructors. Get first-hand experience from the Pro’s and personalized feedback is your gateway for achieving the best results.


Benefits of Online Remote Training:

  • Train from the comfort of your home.

  • Set your own schedule

  • Personalized one on one training

  • Save time and money!

Schedule an online remote instructor certification seminar or guide workshop below:

Remote Online Sessions via individual scheduled appointments*

"In February 2016 I signed up for the Online Basic Nordic Walking Instructor Training through In the beginning I was not so sure if I could learn the Nordic Walking technique without taking a seminar in person at the headquarters in L.A. It went very well. I first learned the practical material and sent video clips about my practice to the CEO and Master Coach Bernd Zimmermann...."