smovey vibroswing-system

Whether you are a regular Nordic walker and very active or somebody who is interested but not yet ventured out with some poles the smoveyVIBROSWING-System  is the must have exercise tool since just 10 – 20 minutes a day will give you NOTICEABLE results.

The Smovey is not simply a weight that you swing as you walk – this clever little device contains steel balls that move when you do and this has THREE amazing effects. First it increases your range of movement and secondly it provides resistance which makes the smovey feel heavier at some points as you swing it – and if that’s not enough….the smovey also VIBRATES with every swing which increases the toning and energizing effects.

The smovey is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and there are 10 basic moves which are guaranteed to work the whole body. 

The secret of the smovey VibroSwing-System’s ability to give you more energy and well-being is the creation of a 60 hertz frequency when the smovey is used. This is the frequency pattern of our body when it is in a stage of relaxation and the rhythm embryos experience while in the womb.

The smoveyRINGS were developed by Johann Salzwimmer, a tennis instructor from Austria. He fell ill with Parkinson’s disease and experienced his quality of life deteriorate as the illness advanced more and more. He started fighting his illness, and after long, meticulous work he invented the smoveyRINGS. He is now fit and able to live a normal life.


Smovey vibroswing-system

Whats Included:

  • 2 smovey Vibroswing Rings
  • smoveyTRAINING DVD
  • Product Booklet

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